The OTaB Group

  • Human Capital Development , Consulting, Process Improvement, Events
  • Helping Governments, Private Enterprises and Individuals create the right plans, procedures, processes & policies.
  • Developing and equipping leaders that will improve and strategically advance the establishment they lead.
  • Consulting

    We help governments, private enterprises, health agencies/companies and many others put together the right plans, procedures, processes and policies. Read More

    Leadership Development

    Without the right leaders that are equipped with decision making tools and leadership training, even the best laid plans tend to fail and the organization suffers the cost. Read More


    Through a variety of events, The OTaB Group seeks to simply “improve the standard” and so we scout for and recognize great leadership, we celebrate achievements, and we empower those who are already “doing”, to do more Read More


    At The OTaB Group, Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a catchy phrase. 5% of our yearly net revenue goes to helping the less privileged. Read More