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Our Leadership Coaches are Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioners and Motivational Coaches. That means that they have a highly effective set of psychological tools for change, motivation, success, empowerment, influence, persuasion and communication. With the knowledge of NLP, they can develop:

    • Sales training for sales teams/Consulting training for Consulting teams
    • Leadership training on change management
    • Leadership training on profitable organizational culture management
    • Vision transfer
    • Career development strategies
    • Training for current and Developing leaders on leadership and motivational skills
    • Training curriculums for change management
    • Training on some of the most powerful tools to enhance learning, memorization and learning difficulties.
    • Goal setting strategies
    • Strategies for mastering emotional states
    • Negotiation strategies
    • Training for information gathering, influence, and persuasion
    • Tools to help leaders understand what motivates people and what their working traits are

As they say, the best leaders aren’t born, they are MADE.
For us at The OTaB Group, That means that they are IDENTIFIED, TRAINED and EQUIPPED  to lead.

The best planning, procedures, processes and policies fail without good leadership. The OTaB group helps to develop existing and new leaders that will be capable of implementing the right planning, procedures, processes and policies that will grow, improve and strategically advance the establishment(s) they lead.

This happens through the variety of “customized” Leadership Development Programs and Events that we organize through our various partnerships.

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