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There are many noble causes in developing countries. People and organizations that have risen to the occasion and have decided to make a difference. We applaud them and we are proud of them. The harsh reality however, is that while those organizations an projects are started with the best intentions, many lack the skills to properly carry out their mission in the most efficient way and many cannot gain the trust of other organizations and institutions that can help them. That’s where the OTaB Group comes in. Some of our areas of expertise are:

  • Capacity Building:  We help Non-Profit organizations determine what they need in order to turn their mission/visions into sustainable reality. We help them detail the “operations” of any project or initiative.


  •  Knowledge sharing and leadership development: There is so much to be done and no organization has it all figured out. Organizations can benefit from each other by sharing their knowledge, coming together to discuss/share mutual problems, share solutions that that have worked or failed, and ultimately bring heads together to develop mutually beneficial solutions. OTaB acts as a facilitator, determining objectives, selecting partner organizations, conducting training seminars around the pertinent challenges, and ultimately assisting the participating organizations in executing the newly acquired knowledge.


  • Organizational design and culture:  Nonprofit organizations face many Human Capital challenges: “How to turn the volunteers that they heavily depend on, into highly effective partners” “How to properly manage employees/volunteers in a structured environment” and so on. When the work force is not properly developed, trained and equipped with the right tools, processes and culture to accomplish the goals set before them, problems occur and goals are not met. We help prevent that.