The Mission

The OTaB Group exists to help organizations and individuals gain new perspective and help them capitalize on that new perspective by helping them develop and implement the right procedures, processes and policies to become more successful

Core Values

  1. We treat our clients like they are a part of our organization. We want our clients to succeed just as bad as we want to succeed
  2. No one individual or organization has all the answers. We reach out to resources outside of ourselves to best people and tools that fit the unique needs of our clients
  3. Beyond courtesy and ethics, we operate with a strong moral fiber. If it is not morally right, we don’t do it with, for, or to our clients. Period.
  4. Philanthropy. Some people do not deserve the basic necessities of life more than others and people should not suffer simply because of where they were born. Corporate Responsibility is not just a buzz term …it’s exactly what it is called. A RESPONSIBILITY.

The OTaB group is a very unique consulting firm. Our core competencies are Human Capital Development and organizational operations/process improvement. The ultimate goal is to help develop existing and new leaders that will be capable of implementing the right planning, procedures, processes and policies that will grow, improve and strategically advance the establishment(s) they lead.

We are able to bring the best and brightest talent to each project because unlike most consulting firms, we have opted to maintain a healthy network of consultants and subject matter experts who are on call, not permanently on staff so that:

a)      We are not ever restricted by the  breadth of the “in house” talent, and;
b)      We can pass those cost savings to our clients

Our clients benefit significantly because they get the dual benefit of always having the best custom team working on solving their challenges, at a very low cost.
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