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An effective government plays a crucial role in the wellbeing of the general public. Many government agencies mean well and have good intentions but don’t have the tools, insight or even expertise to effectively carry out their goals/mission in a sustainable way. That’s where OTaB comes in. With our partnerships, extensive list of consultants, and capacity for independent peer review, we help governments stay effective and transparent.

Some of our areas of Government consulting expertise include:

  • Capacity Building: helping governments determine what they need in order to turn their mission/visions into sustainable reality. From rewriting policy to public works, we help them create the right foundation for projects in Information Technology, organizational development, construction/public works
  • Public works/Project Management: Government and government agencies are now realizing the importance of proper project management in public works and virtually all aspects of public welfare. Badly executed projects end up costing governments a lot of money over the long run and the people suffer. With our help and through various tools such as Six Sigma, PMI’s PMBOK and several others, our consultants are able to help Governments properly initiate, plan, execute, monitor and close projects.
  • Policy Review & Management: Governments change, regimes change, leadership changes. When that happens, It is not surprising to see that change permeate through that entire arm of government. That’s the nature of life. The right policies however, shouldn’t be dependent on who is in power or what political party is the majority. They should simply exist because they are best for the people, and enable current leadership to take good care of the people. OTaB helps governments to do that. We help government sand it’s agencies to review current policies, improve them, create  new policies and help them execute those policies or changes while staying accountable to the people they serve.
  • Government knowledge sharing and leadership development: No government or government agency has it all figured out. Governments and government agencies can benefit from each other by sharing their knowledge, coming together to discuss/share mutual problems, share solutions that that have worked or failed, and ultimately bring heads together to develop mutually beneficial solutions. OTaB acts as a facilitator, determining objectives, selecting partner governments/agencies, conducting training seminars around the pertinent challenges, and ultimately assisting the participating governments/agencies in executing the newly acquired knowledge.
  • Organizational design and culture: Governments have to do so much…with limited resources. Even in the rare case where resources abound, they go to waste when the work force is not properly developed, trained and equipped with the right tools, processes and culture to accomplish the goals set before them. The probability of success of any organization increases as the employee and their culture, tools, and processes are synced with the organization’s goals and mission.