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Anyone who has been in ministry for more than 5 years knows that today’s church member is different. Things have changed and it takes a new mindset and set of skills to attract, retain and grow membership. Yes the products are the same: Christ, salvation, the word of God, praise, worship etc. if that were the only things necessary for church growth, then there will be no such thing as “church membership” because people would just wake up on Sunday morning, randomly pick any church to go to each Sunday. The OTaB group helps churches and ministries to understand the part they need to play in the success of the ministry they lead. Some of our areas of expertise in Christian Ministry Management are:

  • Understanding today’s church member/attendee
  • Maximizing the potential in today’s church membership body
  • Leading today’s church worker/volunteer/member
  • Process improvement
  • Financial management
  • Growth strategies