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One of our core values is Philanthropy…the belief that some people do not deserve the basic necessities of life more than others and people should not suffer simply because of where they were born. Corporate Responsibility is not just a buzz term …it’s exactly what it is called. A RESPONSIBILITY

With that sense of responsibility in mind, we have committed to spending 5% of our net revenue at the end of every year, on philanthropy.

You see, we believe that it is not only up to governments to take care of people. Individuals and corporations have to do it too.  Why? Well because one’s actions affect the others and the better the people in the global communities are doing, the better EVERYONE is for it.

As you do business with us, you are directly making positive impact in the world and making it a better place.

That’s the Joy that comes with doing business with us.

Welcome to The OTaB Group!