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Organizational Improvement:  Many companies suffer from resource disconnect. This happens when the Human Capital is disconnected from management goals; when financial prudence stifles creativity and innovation, when management objectives are not based on the realities of the competitive environment and so on. There has to be alignment among all the resources of the organization. That is the only way that the organization as a whole can accomplish its missions. OTaB helps to create that synergy, balance and winning culture that transforms organizations so that each unit understands its role in the big picture, and knows how its actions and inactions affect the organization a whole.

It’s about creating a synergy between the strategic goals, the processes in place, and the people meant to execute the mission. We help them achieve excellence in areas such as:

  • Strategy:  What, Why, How, When, Who, Where? We help companies properly define the RIGHT goals; identify the challenges pertaining to those goals; identify and maximize resources; and properly track, measure, and sustain success.
  • Process Improvement:  In the past, just the product or service could deliver competitive advantage for a business. Today, with the speed at which competitors can react and often duplicate products and services; the ease with which customers can change product/service providers, it is now clear that beyond the product or service, efficient processes are vital to achieving sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Organizational design
  • Brand Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Process improvement
  • Advertising/Brand Management 
  • Human Resource maximization
  • Project Management
  • Six Sigma