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As the population of the world increases, so do the challenges that governments and health agencies& providers face in keeping the general population healthy. Both the government and private sector need current information, effective information dissemination tools, right procedures, policies and well trained human capital in the field. That’s where OTaB comes in. Some of our Healthcare areas of expertise are:

  • Policy Review & Management: Executing the wrong policy causes as much damage (if not worse) as not having any policy at all. It is confusing and expensive. Governments   with good intentions are always looking for ways to develop and execute the best policies with the limited resources available. OTaB helps  governments and it’s agencies to review current policies, improve them, create  new policies and help them execute those policies or changes while staying accountable to the people they serve.
  • Healthcare Operations Management : Both government and private health facilities, institutions and agencies all over the world are now starting to realize the importance of applying sound management strategies in virtually every area of operation such as contracting, human resources, financial management, process design, patient management etc. Our consultants have the knowledge and expertise to help governments achieve this.
  • Healthcare Training: The right goals without the right/able people to execute them will turn into a disaster. OTaB helps train an able healthcare workforce to increase the healthcare human capital, starting from nurses & below e.g. medical assistants, midwives. One of the most important needs that developing countries have for example is training and deploying an able work force into rural areas where they typically don’t have access to even the bare minimum healthcare. OTaB is working to help governments and agencies change that.